How Content Management Can End the Feud Between Sales & Marketing

In my last post I talked about using data to segment your customers and prospects so that you could send hypertargted messages and increase the response rate.  Today, we’re going to examine how you deliver those messages.

One of the main challenges companies have is that their sales and marketing departments aren’t always on the same page when it comes to communicating with the outside world.  Marketing wants to maintain control over the messaging and track everything and sales wants to get something out the door because it’s on their backs to close the deals in a timely manner.

One of the ways to solve this dilemma is to have a standard platform where marketing can provide pre-approved collateral and templates for sales to use to communicate with their customers and potential customers.   This way, the marketing department still has control over the brand message and can still track activity on the communication for better spend allocation and sales can easily send out communication without waiting for months for marketing to create the Mona Lisa of emails.

Take Postwire, for instance.  With Postwire you can easily store various collateral and allow people to pick and choose the appropriate collateral for the appropriate communication. You can even label the content based on targeted audience, so “medical professionals” versus “educators”, for instance.

Not only does having a common platform take the grief out of the sales and marketing process, it also helps make your sales teams more efficient.  They are no longer having to craft unique emails and search through some archaic archiving system for appropriate content.  They can easily choose what to send based on the customer and situation at hand.  And, assuming they have used the data we talked about in our last post to segment, they are able to send a very hyper-targeted message in only a matter of minutes.

If your company is also struggling with message personalization and how to get out various personalized messages without spending hours in execution, you should join our webinar on “Personalizing Your Sales & Marketing”.

In my next post, I’ll be discussing the various KINDS of content you can use to deliver the perfect personalized message, so stay tuned!  Different bat time, same bat blog.


Cari Zoch

Cari Zoch

Marketing Manager, Brand Communications & Social Media at OneSource Information Services
Cari has over 15 years of Marketing Communications experience and has spent the last 3 years focusing on the ever-evolving world of social media. Prior to joining OneSource, Cari was the Global Social Media Manager at LifeSize, a Division of Logitech, and built their social media program from the ground up. Cari is an avid Longhorn football fan (yes, even this year!), and enjoys acting, spending time with her daughter, and taking advantage of all the wonderful outdoor activities Austin has to offer.
Cari Zoch
Cari Zoch