Marketing Enablement: Data Quality is the Name of the Game

Data quality is an essential factor in most, if not all, marketing and sales initiatives. If you lay the foundation for quality data through proper marketing intelligence and enablement tools, then your company’s representatives can be spared wasted effort spent pursuing irrelevant leads, or worse, the embarrassment of sending out-of-date content.

Marketing enablement for lead assignments and prospecting accuracy

Marketing automation solutions are more popular than ever, as evidenced by recent major acquisitions by Adobe and Oracle. These solutions enable organizations to create more personalized and individualized communications that turn prospects into customers and customers into brand advocates. The data that marketing automation technology relies on is critical to ensuring that the process works.

Poor data quality does not just hurt customer relationships; inaccurate or out-of-date data compromises the core objective of marketing automation – the ability to create conversations and marketing engagements that are relevant for new and existing customers. The ability to identify the right target, at the right time through the right channel begins with the confidence that the data being used – from contact information, to preferences to background information – is accurate. Quality data facilitates successful delivery and higher open- and click-through rates and helps fulfill the promise of marketing automation.

When companies enrich their marketing automation solutions with marketing enablement solutions, not only does it help with targeting and prospecting, it can also be leveraged in the lead scoring/qualification process and lead assignment process. For example, when a lead comes through – whether by call, email, chat, etc. – marketing enablement is able to tell whether the company is “real”; what industry it is in; its size and revenue; number of employees; geographic location, etc. These details allow for marketing and sales to bolster intelligence on lead assignment.

Marketing enablement for organic growth

Augmenting marketing automation with marketing enablement solutions can also help with enriching the content that the marketing automation solution uses for nurturing existing customers. In addition to basic data such as lead name, contact information, title, industry and company, marketing automation can utilize marketing enablement to aggregate the type of information that provides depth and breadth for marketing and sales representatives to truly meet customer need. Examples of this type of qualitative data include social content and public presence, recent purchases, interaction with competitors, etc. A holistic view of the customer can play a huge factor in differentiating a company from its competition. Again, in order to maintain proper data quality on this type of information, however, marketing intelligence and enablement software can help companies save hours of time that would normally be spent on research.

Marketing enablement to enhance CRM capabilities

Most marketing automation solutions leverage CRM repositories as their authoritative database. As previously mentioned, most if not all marketing initiatives are dependent on the accuracy of your data. Marketing enablement solutions are often applied as a “best practice” to enrich standard CRM. Not only can marketing enablement empower the marketing automation solutions as described, but also, it can help sales operations teams clean and “de-dupe” the CRM database, which is the primary cause of poor sales adoption.

Next steps: marketing enablement integration to support marketing automation

Depending on the maturity of your organization, the sophistication of the marketing automation solution available, and whether the marketing automation solution has been leveraged in conjunction with a CRM solution, there is a wide range of ways to integrate marketing enablement solutions to improve business execution:

  • For basic use of a marketing enablement solution, you can simply use built-in filtering capabilities to produce targeted lists that can be imported into the marketing automation solution for email campaigns.
  • For a more mature marketing enablement solution, there are many out-of-the-box solutions that work well with CRM. These solutions apply, match and append, de-dupe and automatically enrich the data that is leveraged by marketing enablement solutions “natively”.

In total, data quality is a highly valuable and essential business asset. Marketing enablement solutions can enhance and fuel prospecting, nurturing, scoring and qualification and assignment for marketing automation solutions. Through this technology, marketing and sales teams can utilize prospect activity levels, coupled with profiling and basic company and industry data, to determine how to engage leads in the most efficient manner possible.

James Rogers

James Rogers

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Prior to joining OneSource, James led marketing for the SMBS division of CT Corporation. Before that, he served as vice president of marketing for the Hoover's subsidiary of Dun & Bradstreet. Prior to Hoover's, James served as the top marketing executive in a number of mid-size and startup technology companies.
James Rogers
James Rogers
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