The OneSource ROI Calculator

How much time do your highly-paid enterprise sales reps spend searching Google, reading news, reviewing annual reports, flipping through case studies, etc on their target accounts? It’s probably costing you a lot more than you think.

Consider that a 2011 CSO Insights study revealed 24% of a salesperson’s workday is spent generating leads and researching accounts.

While another report by FourQuadrants estimates  the fully burdened cost of a US B2B account executive to be $380k annually or $183/hr.

Use our ROI calculator with your numbers to see how much of your budget your reps are spending on inefficient prospect research activities.

Work Weeks Per Year:
Work Hours Per Week:
Total Number of Enterprise Sales Reps:
Percent of Time Spent on Research: %
Fully-Burdened Hourly Rate:
Cost for Internal Sales Research Time:

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